Contact Information

Matt Vegas
Phone: (720) 334-3838

I help organizations build, manage, enhance, and deliver their software-related products.

With 20 years of development experience I have a very strong technical background coupled with experience in what it takes to successfully deliver complex and critical products. I often serve as the liaison between engineering teams, leadership, and stakeholders. I identify opportunities for improvement in the delivery life-cycle while defining vision and strategy, solving complex technical problems then aligning teams, systems, process, and products to deliver high quality products.

In addition to being in technical leadership positions working with multiple stakeholders, I also have consulting experience working in multiple functional areas such as Product Management, Engineering, UX/UI, Sales, Customer Support, Finance, and Marketing.

My technical skills include but are not limited to Java, C#, ASP.NET JavaScript, React, Angular, MVC, REST Web API Services, JSON, XML/XHTML, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Node.js, Git, NPM, and Visual Studio.

My experience also includes IT management, software development management, development process improvement, as well as hands-on full-stack development for desktop, web, and mobile applications, including middle-tier and backend development, OOP, multi-layered architecture, SaaS system design and architecture, along with advanced data modeling, SQL development, and unit testing and debugging.

Finally, I am also a Colorado native, raised and nourished by a family of artists. Thus, when I am not programming, I enjoy drawing and painting. I am very passionate about studying the fundamentals of drawing and painting and finding ways to apply artist disciplines to software development.

My wife Annette and I, along with our four children.