Matt brings vitality to the workplace that is rarely seen these days. He’s curious, inquisitive, and passionate about process improvement and emerging technologies. After several failed attempts by others, Matt was instrumental in getting the Agile development methodology in use by our development team. His enthusiasm for Scrum and the belief that great software can be quickly created if the right people are involved and take ownership is infectious. Even skeptical and seasoned team members felt empowered to produce more, faster, and with less defects. In a short amount of time, I learned a great deal from Matt. If you have software development challenges, Matt is the one to invigorate your team with new energy and help your organization move into its next phase. 
– Ellen H. Frost, Managed Matt Vegas indirectly at Black Knight Financial Services (formerly LPS)

Matt is one of those rare managers who are capable of creating a professional and inspiring work environment. He always gave us the opportunity to share our ideas and opinions with him and the other members of the team. He was on a constant lookout for new IT technologies, products, solutions and encouraged us, his staff, learning new things and applying them appropriately in our development routine. It was a very beneficial experience for me to work under Matt’s supervision. I believe, he is a valuable asset to any company and IT team.
– Natalia Zosimova, Worked directly for Matt at Atkins Nutritionals

Matt is a team player with a wide breadth of experience in software development. While his current strength is UI / Web development, he understands a variety of different software development processes and approaches, based on his experience. Matt always presents his ideas and feedback for the team with confidence and humility. I enjoyed having Matt on my development team.
– Brian Mason – Software Development Manager, Swisslog

Matt is a great UI web developer/designer consultant with a great interest and knowledge on Microsoft based technologies. He is a passionate and dedicated individual and puts his best efforts in everything he does. Working with Matt was great experience since he contributed effectively to our team quickly, has a great personality and fortitude to evaluate problems and provide effective solutions.
Pedro Barrios – Sr. Software Engineer, Solution Architect, BA and Agile/Scrum Practitioner, Swisslog

To Whom IT May Concern:This letter is a personal recommendation for Matthew Vegas. I hired and have been Matt’s immediate supervisor for almost 3 years. During this time Matt has held the position of Web Master. The position is responsible for the design, development, management, and operation of the organization website.

Matt is a very talented individual and particularly strong in the following areas:

• Creativity
Prior to Matt’s arrival, the organization was attempting to redesign the website that primarily supports our marketing activities. Three different web consulting firms provided design concepts over an 18 month period, none of which appealed to our CEO. Matt designed and created a prototype which was an immediate hit with the CEO effectively launching the entire redesign process. Matt’s basic design is still in use 3 years later. Matt also designed a student scholarship website that was streamlined, easy to use, and well received by our customers.

• Technical
Matt is quite adept in web programming using Microsoft C#.NET. The organization website is database driven – website content is pulled from a SQL Server 2005 database. Website content is directly updated by marketing staff using a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS was designed, developed, and implemented solely by Matt. Marketing uses the CMS on a daily basis to update site content. The CMS allows our marketing efforts to be more flexible and efficient. Matt is very capable of juggling multiple, mission critical projects. While implementing the CMS system, Matt simultaneously led the re-development of a statewide higher education voucher system. The system processes in excess of 100,000 new students annually and distributed over $330 million in stipends last fiscal year.

• Leadership
Matt is a self starter displaying significant drive and effort. He is well read and constantly looking for ways to improve the organization and himself. He is very good at building consensus with disparate parties to keep us moving forward technically and organizationally. Matt has excellent verbal and written communication skills. Among our team of developers, Matt is the leader related to structured development processes, best practices, and application security. Matt led and wrote the development team’s response to a security assessment of a critical application system. His ability to mentor the team proved a key component of a timely response. It’s very apparent Matt possesses management skills; unfortunately our organization is small and doesn’t afford the opportunities necessary to acquire “official” management experience.

• Interpersonal
Matt is a fun person to interact with. He’s enthusiastic, upbeat, and humorous. I can’t recall an IT staff meeting where Matt did not make us laugh. He is very open in his interpersonal communication. I hope we remain friends long after our work relationship comes to an end.

I highly recommend Matt for employment in a management position or any education opportunity that increases his opportunity to assume the business leadership role he seems destined to.

Mike Homiack, Chief Information Officer, CollegeInvest
Mike Homiack – Chief Information Officer, CollegeInvest

I have worked closely with Matt for three years at CollegeInvest. Matt is an important part of our team, contributing at every phase of our application development life-cycle. He is an excellent Web developer and takes the lead in all web projects, securing our web applications and optimizing their performance for the web. He is also motivating and ambitious but certainly fun and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Matt.
Jim Sooter – Software Engineer, CollegeInvest

Matt Vegas is a reliable, talented, and experienced web developer. Furthermore, Matt’s extensive knowledge made him a good leader in discussions about best practices in new and existing architectures. In addition to his sound technical and leadership skills, Matt’s positive personality and solid character were a joy to work with on a daily basis.
Frank Shepherd – Sr. Network Security Engineer, CollegeInvest

You need to hire this man as your web designer. I worked for Matt as an ASP.Net consultant for 18 months at CollegeInvest. I found Matt to be a passionate and talented ASP.Net web designer and developer. He is dedicated, creative, artistic, personable, and ambitious technical leader. I am glad I had an opportunity to work for Matt. I highly recommend Matt for any web work you might have.
Bill Peak, Consultant, ConsultNet

I have hired Matt for a variety of web projects, and he always provides a quality product, on time and in budget. He has top-notch coding skills as well as an eye for detail, so I can be sure that my designs will be translated well from a design concept into a tangible web page.
Scott Powell, Lead Designer, Anabliss Design + Strategy

To Whom it May Concern:

Matt Vegas consulted both at Lyman Henn, Inc. and Design Workshop, Inc. to design and create websites. This letter is confirmation that Matt comes highly recommended to work with your organization.

Matt is a conscientous, highly-skilled professional, worthy of fulfilling and exceeding your firm’s needs. He is an extremely efficient, organized, and reliable consultant. Matt’s in-depth knowledge of websites and programming needs earns my superior recommendation and is the reason why I have continued to call upon Matt to consult at subsequent firms.

Christina Huerta, Marketing/Brand Development Professional
Christina Huerta, Marketing/Brand Development Professional

Rarely does the mind of a graphics designer meld with the skills of a developer. I recently needed such a designer when creating a challenging project for Adobe Systems and their products including Adobe Captivate and Adobe RoboHelp. These applications are distributed worldwide and recognized in the eLearning community as being “best of breed” tools for technical writers, website designers and instructional designers. I found that designer in Matt Vegas.

The main project was to design 6 “skins” for Adobe WebHelp and FlashHelp output. These skins are essentially graphical design templates used to deliver web content. The web authoring tool, Adobe RoboHelp, generates its output as WebHelp content. These are basically websites that cater to online user assistance and usability is of key importance.

The color combinations, navigational design, backgrounds, and interactive Flash animations have to work beautifully in many cultures. Adobe products are not only localized in English, French, German and Japanese, but are tools which produce websites which are rendered in 35 languages.

The 6 distinctive themes each had a set of color-coordinated buttons and backgrounds and the sharp illustrations were spot on for being contemporary and easily accessible to many cultures around the world.

Matt is a wonderful collaborator and cares very much about reflecting the client’s views and needs. My client, Adobe, was extremely satisfied that I not only delivered quality designs, but on a strict schedule as well. Matt was a great partner on this project.

All six of the Adobe RoboHelp skins that Matt developed will ship with the new product world-wide early 2009.

I would recommend Matt Vegas to anyone seeking quality web design, a positive can-do attitude, and a great imagination.

You are welcome to contact me for further information.

John Daigle
Adobe Certified Captivate and RoboHelp Consultation
Evergreen, Colorado
John Daigle, Adobe Certified Captivate and RoboHelp Consultant

Matt was a very good person to work with. We were delivered a final project that met all of our requirements and in a timeframe that was very fast. I highly recommend choosing Matt for your website needs.
Dustin Cornell, Art Director, Avocet Communications

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt as a colleague and as a customer. In both realms his work has been creative and expressive. He is an expert in his field and can easily cross over from a developer to an integral business partner. He is attentive to customer demands and excels at developing solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Whether an employee, a partner or a consultant I highly recommend Matt and fully endorse his work.
Scott Caschette, Director of Information Technology, Village Homes