My Support Team

As a busy professional, I’ve setup an infrastructure of automation and support which allows me to concentrate on doing the work that I do best. My back office team and advisors are invaluable. They’re the best at what they do and their support frees me to focus on my work and my clients.


Project Communication

Process and transparency fuel efficiency, which is a key factor in delivering projects on time and within budget. Thus, I provide proactive communication throughout every engagement. Here is what each of my clients could expect:


Weekly Status Report
We’ll set up a weekly status meeting to discuss completed work, work in progress, open issues or concerns, as well as work for the upcoming week. A digital or printed report is delivered via email.


Meeting Minutes
All meetings are documented with meeting notes and distributed to each client. This helps clarify all communication, discussions, and commitments.


Change Request
At any point a client wants to change or add a feature to the original scope, a change request is completed. Once my client understands the impact on the project budget and timeline and approves the change, the change request is signed by us both and delivered via email.


Milestone Demo and Signoff
Every major milestone includes a code demo. I walk my client through the application and demonstrate delivered features and functionality. Upon approval, my client signs a milestone deliverable document which is also delivered via email.